Services for Intended Parents

Services for Intended Parents

Our role is to guide intended parents and prospective donors through all aspects of the ovum donation process.
Because Fertility Connections is based in the San Francisco Bay area, we are able to find and represent an extensive, diverse registry of qualified and altruistic young women. And because we engage only local donors, we can be personally involved in all aspects of the donor selection process. Determining whether someone is a good candidate for ovum donation is difficult over the phone, so we always have a face-to-face in-person or video communication meeting. If the intended parents request it we can also run a basic background check on all of our donor applicants who are chosen for matching. Easily accessible in person or online Fertility Connections maintains a professional office in downtown Mill Valley, fifteen minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. While it is possible to make all arrangements for ovum donation through email, mail, and phone calls, we also invite you to schedule an appointment to meet in person at our office, once circumstances allow, or we’re happy to schedule a Zoom call. Throughout the matching process, in addition to facilitating the agreement, we help by acting as a liaison between the fertility clinic, donor and the intended parents.

After the agreement to work together is reached, we:

  • Coordinate the donor’s psychological screening and medical evaluation
  • Assist with the contractual arrangements between the Intended Parents and the Prospective Donor
  • Arrange for donor medical insurance
  • Arrange for the client holding account and facilitate disbursement of fees
  • Function in the role of facilitator to ensure that the process runs smoothly

The Matching Process

Learn more about the Matching Process as you and the donor progress through your individual journeys.

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