Service Fees for Intended Parents

Fees for Intended Parents Services

We are confident that you can find an appropriate candidate in our donor pool. If you do not, however, we are happy to assist you with specialized advertising. We can also coordinate arrangements if you have selected a donor outside of our donor pool.

Fees and financial arangements

$10,000 donor compensation

$10,500+ for repeat donors

$4800 agency administrative fee

$400 donor medical insurance

$300 genetic consultation (if required by your clinic)

$470 – $550 psychological evaluation (including PAI or MMPI)

$100 donor background check – optional

$1400 expense reimbursement

$400 attorney trust account management fee3

Additional financial considerations

Intended parents have the option to meet with the donor if all parties agree. You can communicate by an email forwarded through our agency, by conference call, or we can arrange a personal meeting using first names only in our Mill Valley office. Fertility Connections charges no agency fee to arrange a meeting with the first prospective donor.

In the rare case that a donor does not pass the psychological evaluation or background check, we will cover the costs of these two screenings for the next donor.

Abbreviated profiles are available on our website. Please contact us to obtain a password to access our online database.

Fertility Connections does not accept credit cards, however a personal check or money order is fine.

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