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The Matching Process

We live in a truly amazing time, when advances in infertility treatment are redefining what is possible.

Prospective donor

  • donor interest letter
  • initial phone screen questionnaire
  • interview
  • acceptance
  • match
  • clearances started
  • clearances given
  • ovum donation cycle begins

Intended parents

  •  initial phone call
  • donor review – password given
  • interest expressed to donor
  • possible meeting or further questions
  • clearances begun
  • clearances given
  • cycle coordinated and ovum donation cycle begins

A detailed description of the matching process

The process begins when Fertility Connections sends the donor an initial donor information letter, which contains an overview of what to expect during the ovum donation process. A phone screen is conducted to ensure that the basic guidelines are met.

We then send the prospective donor a “donor packet ” that includes an extensive, detailed questionnaire allowing the prospective donor to offer a view into her life, including interests, goals, and passions, as well as her family and individual health history. This questionnaire, without any identifying information, will be made available to prospective parents.  We also send detailed information about the procedure, medications, sample donor calendar, frequently asked questions, and how the matching process works.

An appointment is set up to meet with the donor for either a face-to- face interview or video conference, depending on current social distancing guidelines. We review the application and other forms and have an opportunity to get to know someone. After this review and interview, we evaluate the application to determine whether the donor is qualified to be included in the donor registry.

When interest is expressed Fertility Connections informs the prospective donor that there are intended parents who may be interested in working with her. Intended parents may request no contact with the donor, or they may ask for a brief phone conversation or a meeting facilitated by us (if the donor has agreed to such contact.) Donors may also request non-identifying information about intended parents. It is often helpful for the intended parents to write a brief letter describing their situation and desire for a baby, which can help the young woman understand the importance of what she is doing and the appreciation in which she is held.

Once the intended parents and donor decide they would like to work together, we place a 24-hour hold on the donor to allow both parties time to consider their decision.

After 24 hours, a non-refundable advance of $ 500.00 on the administrative fee is due to Fertility Connections from the intended parents. This places a hold on the selected donor and we proceed with the clearance procedure. At this time, the intended parents sign a service agreement with Fertility Connections.

The match information and questionnaire will then be forwarded to the fertility physician of the intended parents.

Clearance consists of three parts

We assist the prospective donor in obtaining a psychological evaluation through an interview session with a therapist trained in the field. There is a dual purpose for this important evaluation. First, it serves to assure intended parents that the donor is psychologically prepared to commit to the process and understands the details of that commitment. Second, it gives the prospective donor the opportunity to review what she has decided to do from a different perspective and contemplate its consequences.

A background check, similar to a pre-employment procedure, can be run. We are happy to share any information with the donor.

Once psychological clearance is received, we assist the donor in scheduling her medical screening appointment with the fertility clinic where the intended parents are receiving care.

After psychological clearance has been given, Fertility Connections will send out the Egg Donation Agreement, clarifying mutual responsibilities and financial arrangements. The agreement states that the donor gives all rights to the eggs and embryos produced to the intended parents and the intended parents agree to assume full responsibility. Please note that the signed agreements and balance of the agency fee must be received before the donor’s medical screening appointment.

The infertility physician the intended parents have chosen is solely responsible for medical clearance and approval of the prospective donor to enter into the ovum donation process. The testing consists of a series of blood tests, cervical cultures, a physical examination and a vaginal ultrasound. The physician and his office do a thorough review of the detailed questionnaire and family and individual health history. When all has been approved, medical clearance is given. The balance of the fees are due approximately two weeks prior to the donor starting medications.

The date for beginning the actual egg donation cycle is decided at this point and once the cycle begins, will take approximately ten days from start to finish.

We ask that the prospective donor keep Fertility Connections informed of ALL appointments with the physician so we can continue to provide any needed support.

Since each case in individual and unique, there may be variations in this process.

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