Learn About Fertility Connections

Our History

Fertility Connections, Inc was founded in 2004 by sisters, Beverly Robertson and Sherri Barr.

Beverly had been involved in Women’s Health Care in various areas for over 30 years. She was a hospital Nurse Midwife while delivering over a thousand babies and had practiced Well Woman Gynecology and Family Planning.  Beverly gained much experience in the field of infertility as she personally negotiated the labyrinth of treatments for over five years before successfully having her son. She has a Master’s degree in Woman/Child Health from Columbia University and was board certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives.

When Sherri joined the field of ovum donation, she felt she had found the perfect match for her organizational skills and love of people. Sherri brings over twenty years of operational experience to Fertility Connections and was responsible for the initial concept of Fertility Connections donor program. Sherri has acted as the primary liaison between intended parents, donors and IVF clinics since Fertility Connections’ inception. Sherri lives in Mill Valley with her husband and two children.

Beverly retired from the business in 2009 and Sherri has maintained the integrity and high standards of Fertility Connections program. Fertility Connections has now coordinated hundreds of matches with clinics in the San Francisco Bay area.
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