An Overview for Prospective Donors

An Overview

Basic Criteria: We welcome young women of all ethnicities, races, achievements and talents.

Thank you for your interest in finding out more about becoming an ovum donor. This generous act of donating eggs can make it possible for a couple to finally experience the joy of pregnancy and childbirth!

Ovum (egg) donation allows a woman to become pregnant using the eggs donated by a young woman, whose fertility is at its highest. The donated eggs are fertilized with the father’s sperm (or donor sperm) in a laboratory (in vitro) and after a few days, the embryos are transferred into the intended mother.

Recent statistics show that up to 70%+ of families receiving ovum donations are able to experience having a baby. The joy of this is hard to imagine as these children are so deeply wanted. It is especially exciting when you compare this to the fact that the chances of getting pregnant for a couple with proven fertility for any cycle is 20-30%.

In order to become an ovum donor, you must:

Be between the ages of 20-29.

Be physically and mentally in excellent health

Be a nonsmoker, and use no drugs

Not have lived in Europe for five years or longer

Be height/weight proportionate

Keep a height weight chart

Have no genetic diseases running in your family

Be aware that the process involves the need to self-administer injections with a small, insulin-type syringe for about 10 days (Update to 10 days)

Be responsible, dependable, and able to keep a commitment


Proven fertility appreciated but not necessary

An honorarium of $10,000 ( $10,500 for repeat donors) is given to the donor in recognition of her time, effort, and commitment.

Things to know

70% of all donors donate more than once.

Total time commitment is about 40 hours.

If you have a partner, the partner may need to be medically screened with a blood test.

No sexual intercourse during the donation month.

No secondhand smoke or drugs.

No travel during the month unless an emergency arises.

No vigorous exercise during the cycle.

Depo-Provera and Implanon must be discontinued for six months before donating.

Although being a donor requires commitment and follow-through, most young women report that it is an extremely rewarding experience.

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